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Raised in a one-stoplight town in the Pacific Northwest, Sasha Marie Speer grew up surrounded in nature and influenced by her mother's Dutch roots.


At an early age, she began to draw and take photographs, developing her skills throughout high school, winning National and State awards.

After taking time off from art to become a neuromuscular and musculoskeletal specialist, earning a clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, she expanded her cultural and intellectual knowledge and experience in traveling the world, visiting and living in places such as Honduras, Argentina, and Europe.

When her father, who was her most influential mentor, passed in 2012, Sasha delved further into the study of the human mind and its relation to healing in order to heal her own body and spirit. It is with this deep love for life and understanding of its adversities that she draws from in her art and healing practices. This recently led her to sit down with her mother and ask questions about who she was as a child, creatively and emotionally. Her mother’s response was, “I remember putting a camera in your hands when you were 8 years old, and you never putting it down…”

Now in her second act, Sasha has returned to her true north, and has carved out a niche in Los Angeles as an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and artist.

Her work centers around the threads that connect humans to each other, nature, and themselves.

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