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 a short film by Sasha Marie Speer

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Shot entirely underwater, Unborn is a poetic journey about becoming a mother. About grief and loss. Hope and wonder. What if a woman cannot conceive? What if she loses a pregnancy? Can she still fulfill her dream? Birthed from the true story of the director, the film immerses us in those emotions as she navigates the worlds of her reality and her dreams with stunning visuals and an original score.

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SEMI FINALIST - International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo - 2022-2.png
FINALIST - Berlin International Art Film Festival - 2022-2.png

Director Statement

This film is inspired by my personal experience of grief as I attempted to get pregnant, only to fall short month after month. Of finding a mass and needing surgery, not knowing if I would be able to conceive – ever. Feeling so vulnerable as I was poked and prodded by doctors and nurses searching for an answer. In finding strength through sharing my story with other women. In coming to a place of peace within myself that the end result will be what it is, and that’s ok. I am not alone.

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