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"A womb within a womb."


Sasha's full interview with Matthew Toffolo on the WildSound Podcast about her award winning film, Unborn, can be found here.

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APRIL 2020


"Great art is...being able to access that pain."


Sasha talks all things mental health and the struggles she and her family have had as she speaks about her show, moments.  (note this interview is also part of an interactive journal as part of The Love Story's publication, which can be found here).



"So many o fun in our culture - we're not allowed to be vulnerable. There's no time."


Female Filmmakers Fuse podcast attends Sasha's live event, Women of Courage vol. II: The Wheel and interviews her and many of those who attended.



"We are getting deep - but we're going to have a good time too."


Listen to Sasha's interview with Female Filmmakers Fuse Podcast as she speaks about her upcoming Women of Courage interactive exhibition.

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