Catch Sasha's interview of how quarantine brought out another form of artistic expression in Kristen Loken's, Food People are the Best People.


Featured as one of Martha Stewart's Gifts That Give Back and covered by Food & Wine amidst the dual crisis of wildfires and Covid-19, the book is an in-depth look at how chefs and others in the food industry adapted to life when the global pandemic hit.

For more of Sasha's baking, please click here. 




Sasha is featured in Tricia-Noël Burke's, Black Moon, with her story of letting go after losing everything she knew, only to find out she never really "had" anything. 


Sasha was interviewed for Inevitable Change shortly after having to cancel her live show, moments, due to the onset of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown in March. 

In this interview she highlights her struggles and triumph of finding her power as a woman and the courage to own her truth as an artist.