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This page contains video artwork by Sasha. For films please click here.

bE Flower Meditations

It is said that if you look deeply into a rose for seven minutes a day, you will find the key to eternal happiness. Sasha explored this idea with her show, bE, a visual meditation all about being present - with oneself, with each other, and with life. The video and audio pieces below are excerpts from the exhibition.



pause, gaze into the flower below, and listen

(audio on)

reLAXEDSasha Marie Speer
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IMG_0297 copy 2.JPG


in this video, take 30 seconds to bE. What do you notice?

(no audio)

Freedom Portraits

In the studio, Sasha often guides her subjects through visualizations, bringing them through their pain and into their power. Below is a raw look inside one of the Freedom Portraits. These have been exhibited across Los Angeles.

(audio on)



This video is a compilation of Freedom Portraits taken specifically for Women of Courage, to show that we are not and are never alone in our emotions and in our most difficult times in life. Observe the women below and notice what changes. This video has been exhibited across Los Angeles.


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