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 HOME. Lullabies and stories from around the world
Recorded during a global quarantine

Breathing Lullaby Light by Sasha


September 12 - October 25, 2020
This online exhibition is now closed.

Sasha's immersive experience, HOME. Lullabies and stories from around the world, is a three dimensional story of diversity and unity, presented during a unique time in our history where many are feeling alone and isolated. 


The full exhibition includes: an online gallery of artwork, photographs, music and stories; a book of lullabies from around the world; and an album of stories of home from around the world.


The albums are available on all major music platforms via the links below.  Albums created with the help of Grammy-winning music producer, Steve Corn,


Signed copies of the limited printing of the book are available at Arcana Books on the Arts in Culver City, CA.

Part I of the exhibition featured lullabies from women around the world, recorded in their home, from Saudi Arabia to Spain, Ghana, and more. These lullabies, along with their translations and artwork have been assembled into a book. 

Part II of the exhibition featured stories and photographs from young adults around the world, from India to China, Los Angeles, Palestine, and more.


Sasha observed that our future generation of leaders was going through an unprecedented time. She wanted to capture that as well as their ideas on home, as they are part of the community forming  that for our greater World.


She asked them to have an item or be in a place that represented home to them, then photographed the video chat with her camera, capturing the layers of connection and separation during the beginning months of the pandemic.


Highlights from the full interviews were assembled into a digital album, asking "What does home mean to you?' 

A portion of the proceeds from this exhibtion go toward safe and supportive housing for women and children in transition through Alexandria House in Los Angeles.


We look forward to you joining us in this message of hope for our world.

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