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In The Forgiveness Project, people are invited to sit down and write a letter of forgiveness to themselves or someone else. This originally started as part of HÜMAN, but once people shared how much the process made a difference for them, Sasha decided that this needed to travel to more places and impact more people. 

"I didn't realize I was holding onto so much pain and hate - for myself mostly - for so many years. When I started to look inward more and more I realized that so much of the pain I thought was being caused by other people or circumstances was actually rooted in my own self judgement. In creating the space to forgive myself I have felt more open and free than ever before. I wanted to bring that experience to others. What if we had a nation - or a planet - where everyone took the time to forgive themselves, their parents, their friends - what would that world look like?" - Sasha Marie Speer


Upon completion of collecting 10,000 letters of forgiveness, the letters will be assembled as an installation in Los Angeles.

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