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Artist in Residence 

Sasha Marie Speer

“moments” solo exhibition

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, moments has been postponed.

A new date will be selected once we are all safe to commune again safely out in this big, beautiful world.  


YEM Gallery

1309 Main St, Venice, CA

moments, a solo exhibition by Sasha Marie Speer, focuses on the moments that make up our life and the choice we have at any one of them to choose something new, to move in a different direction; challenging the thought process that has one feel limited in life.


The exhibition is inspired by Sasha’s own journey to find a new direction for her life following the loss of most of the people and places that made up her foundation from 2011-2015. Facing grief at the deepest level and feeling on the brink of getting swallowed by it, she instead chose to put one foot in front of the other in a new direction, to find gratitude in the smallest things, and to find love and value for herself regardless of her external situation.


The exhibition will include mixed media works of handmade paper, photography, ink, and acrylic. Opening night will include an interactive installation by the artist. RSVP to to attend.


April 3rd and April 10th from 4-6pm  the artist will be photographing individuals for Freedom Portraits. A 3-5 minute portrait in which she guides the subject to their authentic power through facing their pain. RSVP to  to get your Freedom Portrait taken.


About the Artist

Dr. Sasha Marie Speer uses a variety of materials and processes to investigate, break apart and reconfigure how we connect to ourselves and each other. Through her provoking and powerful studio sessions in photography, video and audio she harnesses the soul of her subjects and creates experiences from them in her work. She interweaves pain and hope into visual forms and experiences to capture and challenge our current state as human beings and seeks possibility of real connection in a world of constant distraction and separation.

About YEM Gallery

Yem Gallery showcases local and international emerging artists, connecting their work to the Venice Community and public at large through exhibitions, interactive art and community programming. Open free to the public for special events. The Gallery serves Venice and the Los Angeles vibrat and unique art scene. Yem Gallery is a part of Yem Home, a clubhouse built on community, connection and culture.  For further information on Yem Gallery and Yem Home, go to or email

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